"Much less belt tension is required than with crowned or lagged pulleys, sharply reducing lace separations and shaft and bearing failures."

"Four seasons of experience have shown this to be a highly successful method for controlling belt wandering."

"The pulleys solve problems,....With the new dual helix pulleys, we got more positive drive, self-tracking and self-cleaning."

"These pulleys save tremendous amounts of misalignment and other problems. They cost a lot more, but when you consider labor, lacing, replacement, downtime and other costs, they are really cheap."

"They paid for themselves in about two months."

"The two pulleys that you sent us are doing a great job. The in-feed belt on this machine has not strayed at all with these positrac pulleys."

"Facts speak for themselves; every time the units have outlived over six sets of rubber lagged drums during the past 18 months with a zero maintenance factor."